Hi, I'm Boston Blake.

First name: Boston
Last name: Blake

That may seem redundant and unnecessary, but years of experience and mislabeled paperwork have taught me it's wise to clarify.

I'm a Personal Transformation Coach. Podcaster. Writer. Actor. Educator. San Franciscan (adopted). Wonder Woman scholar. Friend. Brother. Son. Uncle. Content Creator.

Not a complete list and not necessarily in that order.

You've found my online playground where I experiment with content, digital tools, and design. It exists somewhere between a personal journal and a portfolio.

After much exploration, I've decided that the popular idea of a "personal brand" is bullshit. For a while, I became so obsessed with brand-oriented content that I lost my connection to the soul of my work.

What people usually mean when they say "personal brand" is really "persona", a mask they wear to manipulate perceptions.

No judgment. We all have personas. We all wear masks. But I'm more interested in authentic expression and self-discovery. I'd rather craft interesting content than a curated image. A True Brand emerges from sharing what's truly alive for you, when what's on the inside gets to live on the outside.

Through this blog, I share from wherever my curiosity takes me. I dive into weird and wonderful mythic realms, respond to media, and share my thoughts on midlife. 

Every post has a place for your comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you're inclined to share them. And if anything really floats your boat, you can Buy Me a Coffee (virtually) by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the page.

Heads-up: I enjoy tinkering with the design so this site may look different the next time you visit.