One of my earliest and fondest childhood memories is of playing Bullets and Bracelets with my grandmother. Calling on the inspirational powerhouse that is Wonder Woman, I’d cut toilet paper rolls and slip them around my wrists and ward off my grandmother’s attacks with a squirt gun. At the age of four, I had no idea that Wonder Woman would inform much of my life’s passion and purpose…and how I coach my clients.

Much like Wonder Woman, I see the mainstream world from an outsider’s perspective. A dweeb with a half untucked shirt and no interest in sports, I was best friends with the librarians. They ordered me books on everything from folk magic and ESP to Ram Dass and ancient mythology. In my small religious Oklahoma town, my interests were considered evil. So I doubled down on books as friends, learning from a young age about human potential, communication, resilience, growth, and mindfulness. The learning has never stopped.