About Mythic Coaching

Mythic Coaching is a coaching style that emerged from forty years of study in Jungian psychology, human potential, and the stories that shape our world--from Greek mythology to German folklore to modern media.

At its core, Mythic Coaching is a co-equal partnership between my client and myself where we are both committed to the client's success as they define it. Sessions may include conversation, somatic practices, and practical experiments to uncover and remove thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve the client's vision and/or values.

What makes the coaching Mythic is my experience with listening for and hearing the deeper layers that want to emerge, elements of Self that long to be expressed and may be outside the client's awareness. Through integrating those parts, the client experiences greater vitality and unlocks the creativity and resourcefulness that is their birthright.

This process of reclamation can be a radical act of transformation--and a Heroic Journey--as you learn that you are more capable and powerful than you ever realized.

Who It's For

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My approach to coaching, which is rooted in the Co-Active® model, can be applied to any area of life. I coach the client, not the issue. Everyone brings something unique to the coaching relationship, and I hold tremendous respect for anyone who undertakes this work.

That said, there are a few topics for which I have a particular affinity. As a Gen-Xer myself, I understand the nuances of the challenges our generation faces. As a gay man, I know that LGBTQ people experience the world differently than heteronormative people, and I have a great appreciation for the search for authentic self-expression. And as an actor and writer, I also appreciate what it takes to honor the creative spirit while also living in financial sufficiency. 

I mean it when I say I love working with people of all stripes, and it's true that I have something more to offer these particular groups.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ styles

Everything DiSC

I'm an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner and Certified Trainer. For some clients, the research-validated DiSC assessment provides faster access to understanding of self and others. It's like a secret decoder ring for personality types and communication styles. And it's extra-cool because Dr. William Moulton Marston, the same man who established the theory behind it, also created Wonder Woman. DISC Theory is a powerful tool for improving and deepening empathy, communication, and leadership. If this is a path that interests you, please mention it in our Discovery Call.

How To Get Started

Use the link below to schedule a complimentary coaching session over the phone or Zoom. During the call, I'll ask you about your hopes, concerns, and expectations around coaching, answer any questions you have, and we can decide whether or not we're a good fit.

If we decide to work together, I strongly encourage (but do not require) committing to 10 sessions over a three-month period. The Mythic Coaching Journey is non-linear. You may experience dramatic forward leaps as well as setbacks. Though transformation is sometimes sudden and dramatic, it may also be incremental. Only looking back can you see just how far you've traveled and take stock of your growth.

And the view from that place is so very worth it!


Seth Ambrose Psychotherapist

Boston is so warm and inviting, creating a soft landing pad for thoughts and feelings I had been reluctant to actually say out loud. You can feel how brave and adventurous he has been in exploring himself, creating an atmosphere that encourages the same in me.

Boston has the ability to think critically AND compassionately - distilling what feels like a mess into succinct thoughts that are easier to hold- all without judgment.

For me, the best part of working with Boston is his infectious playfulness - suddenly, digging deep and working on myself is fun and exciting, which helps me move past my defenses and get to work. I highly recommend exploring your life with Boston as one of your guides!

Brooke Ferris Majordomo

It was comfortable and easy. I felt like I could open up and share my dreams and goals with him and have his full support. To have more confidence. Boston has an incredible way of making me feel heard and validated. I felt like he not only understood what I was saying, but everything underneath it, too; he heard the things I didn't know how to articulate.

My life is so much better for having Boston in it. I feel more open to possibility, creativity, and expansiveness. He has a way of talking about the world, about my dreams and goals, that make everything seem possible. He understands things on a very deep level, and I loved the profound conversations we so often had.

Boston is not afraid to dive deep and have real, challenging, and important conversations. His lively intelligence and huge heart make him a joy to work with. Run, don't walk. He is a one-of-a-kind, special human being with an understanding of humanity that is grounded in love and compassion. I can't recommend him enough.

Avenne McBride Attorney

You know those difficult conversations, the ones you keep putting off ? Boston helped me reframe those conversations and have them successfully. By using a variety of tools including DISC, he opened my thought process to understand the landscape of the conversation instead of being locked into a viewpoint. His support without judgment or reinforcing any particular opinion allows for the expansion into understanding rather than winning by proving that your opinion is right, going through the process creates a win/win regardless of the actual outcome.

Boston has a natural talent for coaching and has spent years honing his craft through a variety of modalities. Whatever path you choose, Boston can help you thrive.

Lauren Elyse Taylor Actress

Boston is incredibly intuitive and receptive. He listens with his whole self and succinctly provides honest, specific, and heartfelt feedback.

He is able to clearly articulate points of view that open my mind, my heart, and my perspective. His ability to examine a situation and go quickly and deeply to the root of the issue is pure gold. I am so grateful for the wealth of wisdom Boston has given me over the years and am continually inspired by his innate passion to listen, give, and connect.

Holly Gillian Kindel Wealth Optimizer, Educator and Change Agent

In all of our work, I have found Boston to be fabulous thinking partner and guide. However complex the problem, he’s helped me deconstruct and rebuild with ease. Thanks to Boston’s encyclopedic knowledge of personal growth, whether it’s DiSC or Landmark or Brené Brown, he can distill all his learning down into a drop of concentrated wisdom.

Boston is both adventuresome and compassionate. He can call you forth and hold a safe space while he does it. His willingness to be his most authentic self allows us permission to be our own selves. He’s helped me think through the thorniest of issues in minutes, providing invaluable insight and perspectives you’d expect from a veteran coach 20 times his age.

Whether it’s identifying and cultivating fulfilling relationships, getting clear about what is or isn’t serving you in your life, or setting boundaries at work, Boston’s your guy.

If you’re about to embark on a journey or are in the midst of a challenging transition, Boston’s kindness, discernment, and integrity will create a safe container for you to unfold into your most magnificent self.

Jenni Romanek Director, Analytics

Boston is a coach, guide and mentor who listens warmly and attentively, really takes in what's happening in your life and is able to take a step back to help you see things clearly for yourself. Many times, I've felt lost, wandering in my own stuck thoughts, and Boston has helped me see the forest for the trees, whether that's related to romantic relationships or my professional life.

Boston has studied so many different modalities and lives the work that he's doing, meaning his input always feels authentic and true.

From the very beginning of our work together, Boston has been a person I feel I can trust with anything which enables us to go deep in our work together and has allowed me to grow more as a human. I'm so grateful to have met Boston and started working together, years ago now. He continues to be an important source of compassion, attention and expansion in my life.

Questions? Email me at boston@mythiccoaching.com.