Testimonial Request for Boston Blake

I hope coaching has been powerful and fulfilling for you. If you've found value in our work together, will you help me spread the word by providing a testimonial?

No need to answer every question, just the ones that speak to you. I'll edit your answers into a testimonial for my website and promotional materials, which you'll be able to review after it's published. You're also welcome to ignore the questions altogether and create a testimonial from scratch.

Thank you for choosing me as your coach!

What was your coaching experience with Boston like?
What was your original goal or desired outcome for coaching?
What made you decide to work with Boston instead of another coach?
How have you and/or your life changed through coaching?
What has been your favorite part of the coaching experience?
If you've worked with other coaches, what makes Boston unique?
If someone asked you if they should hire Boston, what would you tell them?
One client just called me a 48-year-old Dumbledore. Is there pop-culture or literary allusion you'd use to describe me or our work together?
Go rogue! Say whatever you want!